Friday 14 October 2016

Trend Micro OfficeScan ANOMALY: use of REX.w is meaningless - SOLUTION(not quite)

As described here, our Windows 10 "Anniversary Update" (aka "Redstone) machines suffer from a minor flaw:

[0x7FF898F370E3] ANOMALY: use of REX.w is meaningless (default operand size is 64)

[some output removed]

Nicht autorisierende Antwort:
Addresses:  2a00:1450:4001:819::2013


Reader "seno" commented, that TrendMicro sends out a patch on request.
After a few minutes with TrendMicro's support, they sent me a download link for the patch.

The patch goes by the name: "osce_11_sp1_win_en_hfb6178.exe".

The next day the colleague in charge of the server sent me this disappointing screenshot:

Tough luck for non-English installations
I should have guessed that from the "_en_" in the file name.
So I went back to TrendMicro's OfficeScan support and complained. They told me that their developers were working on a German version of the hotfix and that they'd let me know when it is available.

If you have an English installation, you should be fine with this patch.
Edit 20161018:
Got a German patch now, too. Works fine.

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