Thursday 26 January 2017

High CPU usage on Surface Pro3 running Windows 10

System interrupt uses one CPU core

Windows 8.1

I already had this issue running Windows 8.1 and could work around it, simply disabling the realtek high definition audio driver, that seems to be the docking station's audio system.

Windows 10

The problem came back with Windows 10. But this time disabling drivers did not help.
That should be an "idle" system

What brought the fan to a standstill, however was:
Restarting the Surface Pro 3 while in the docking station.
I don't mean powering it down and switch it back on again. That doesn't do any good. It is the restart that does the trick for me.
A very relaxed CPU
This, of course, is only a very temporary solution. So whenever the fan (which rarely ever stops completely) gets on my nerves, I reboot and things are better for the rest of the day.

Docking station drivers?

I suppose that a driver for the docking station's peripherals causes the problems. But disabling any of them did not cure the problem, so I might be wrong. Can anyone shed more light on that issue?


Edit 2017-03-08: The current driver package SurfacePro3_Win10_1700802_1.msi did not help either.

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  1. I have a same exactly problem and restart while connected to docking station work for me too. Other cases like run with battery, or original chager dont have that problem. Very strange and dont know how to fix it completely.
    Thanks for your article.