Monday 22 June 2015

CaptiveIntraweb now running on Olimex MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV

I finally found the time to try the new firmware on one of the two Olimex MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV boards.

  • I decided to mount the headers upside-down to have the silkscreen readable when I have it plugged into the breadboard.
  • Flashing the firmware worked as expected. (GPIO0 / Pin21 hardwired to GND - That's ok, trust me.)
  • Formatting the i2c flash file system tool longer than expected. That worried me for a second or two.

The board then came back:
 NodeMCU 0.9.5/AReResearch build 20150318 powered by Lua 5.1.4  
 lua: cannot open init.lua  
 > file.format()  
 format done.  
 No files found.  
 > r,u,t=file.fsinfo() print("Total : "..t.." bytes\r\nUsed : "..u.." bytes\r\nRemain: "..r.." bytes\r\n") r=nil u=nil t=nil  
 Total : 1513781 bytes  
 Used : 0 bytes  
 Remain: 1513781 bytes  

Woooooha! 1.5MBytes of free space! Just think of the possibilities!

Next thing was to try the CaptiveIntraweb scripts. So I uploaded the files, ran "ap-mode.lua" to set the WiFi parameters and had another look at the remaining file system space:

 about.htm    : 511 bytes  
 ap-mode.lua   : 89 bytes  
 counter.txt   : 1 bytes  
 dns-liar.lua  : 1352 bytes  
 index.htm    : 459 bytes  
 init.lua    : 46 bytes  
 instruct.htm  : 1075 bytes  
 kg-small.png  : 6037 bytes  
 server.lua   : 3144 bytes  
 ttt.htm     : 19471 bytes  
 wumpus.htm   : 13825 bytes  
 Total file(s)  : 11  
 Total size   : 46010 bytes  
 Total : 1513781 bytes  
 Used : 50702 bytes  
 Remain: 1463079 bytes  

Still plenty of space remaining. I then restarted the module and:

Beauty! No trouble at all. (see edit below)

Edit: I might have a minor problem writing the counter.txt file to the local file system. The games loaded unreliably, so I commented out the code for the counter and the system was sometimes back to the expected speed. I couldn't find a change in the nodeMCU firmware to account for that. - This needs a closer look.

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