Wednesday 22 April 2015

ESP-01 Wifi softap drops

Today I noticed Wifi connectivity loss at regular intervals of 25 seconds.
A friend of mine played with a CaptiveIntraweb prototype and repeatedly lost connectivity.
This sucks because Apple IOS devices will close the captive portal screen when the WiFi network disappears.

The problem is clearly visible on the Fluke Airwatch tester:

I haven't had this before, so the first thing is to look into power problems. At the time of testing, I had the ESP8266 running on a top quality 3.7V 18650 lithium cell with a 1N diode in series to get rid of 0.6V. That is well within the module's specs.
More research is required....

Edit 10150424:
It clearly was not a power problem. The module ran on this high quality lithium battery for another day (about 45hrs in total). The problem disappeared after a while. I haven't found any problems since.


  1. I got nodemcu and CaptiveIntraweb running on my ESP. But it reboots every time a client connects. Console output says "lua: not enough memory". Any ideas on that?

  2. I sent you a PM.
    It might be the old LUAL_BUFFERSIZE problem.