Tuesday 20 December 2016

Trend Micro OfficeScan WebReputation filter gone paranoid

Trend Micro OfficeScan web reputation problems

Safe or sorry

Yesterday users started reporting problems with blocked elements on websites. This also completely blocked sites with Anti-Adblock-features.
Although this banner has now disappeared from TrendMicro's OfficeScan support pages, the problem did not disappear completely.

TrendMicro's info about the problem


There are two three ways to go:

  1. wait it out till TM has fixed it.
    (not an option)
  2. add exceptions for blocked servers manually
    (more secure - more work)
  3. disable web reputation service
    (less work - less secure)

To add exceptions to the filter, navigate to http://YOURTRENDMICROSERVER.YOURDOMAIN:8080/officescan and go to the Web reputation settings:
Agent settings
Here you can manually add exceptions:
By default, the exception list is not avtive. Do don't forget to enable it.
That should fix it for a limited number of sites. You can get a list of blocked sites from the client's web reputation protocol and copy/paste from there.

The other option is to temporarily disable Web Reputation filtering altogether:

Uncheck the activation box for the web reputation service on to disable it globally.

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