Monday 19 December 2016

Microsoft Office Click-to-run component prevents Visio 2016 installation


On the Surface Pro 3 I use at work, I need Microsoft Visio 2016 for a project documentation. We still use Office 2007 (32 bit), so I also have to run with the 32bit version of Viso. (Not an issue.)
But when trying to install Visio from the CD-Image, the installer complained about an
Office 2016 click-to-run
installation, that prevents Visio from installing.
I followerd quite a few hints about removing that click-to-run component, but couldn't find it on my system as described.

Greek gift

It turned out to be a greek gift from microsoft:
The Surface Pro 3 came with "Office 2016 Home&Student" as "click-to-run" package. In the list of installed programs it was listed as "Office".


I removed that and Visio 2016 (32bit) installed without a problem. It also did not harm the OneNote App I frequently use with the SurcafePro3.

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