Tuesday 16 February 2016

Painless Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 migration

Today I upgraded my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from Windows 8.1 pro to Windows 10 pro.
I was a bit worried about odd stuff like old Java versions I need for compatibility reasons and numerous development and network tools. Moreover, my work machine is a domain member and sits behind a HTTP-Proxy.
It turned out to be the most painless upgrade ever:

  1. Download the GetWin10 tool from Microsoft and run it.
  2. After a while it asked me if I wanted to keep my apps and data. Yes, of course!
  3. All of that took less than an hour and then some to recognize my external monitor.
  4. Another round of Windows and "Store" updates
  5. Run "iexplore.exe" from the command line and keep it in the task bar
  6. Remove Edge from the task bar. (Sorry, Edge just doesn't feel right for me, yet)
Upgrading Windows has never been easier
That's it. If I find any problems, I'll list them down below.

PS: If you're behind a proxy, you have to let the "metro-world" know about that. In an Admin-CMD shell, type:
 netsh.exe winhttp import proxy source=ie
Otherwise windows activation will fail.

List of problems encountered:

  • Some signed macros in office documents won't run. Cause still unknown.

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