Thursday, 4 February 2016

DSO 138 firmware updates

DSO138 firmware update

A little while ago, I built the DSO 138 and blogged about it.
I was a bit disappointed at first to that JYE Tech wouldn't publish any new firmware releases, because the scope appears to have quite a bit untapped potential. Specifically the USB-Port.

So I was pleased to stumble over an announcment that they made the latest version available to the public. No USB support yet, but some great improvements like better zeroing.

The update process is pretty simple and you'll find an instructional video here.

Bill of materials

You need:

The process

  • Close the jumpers 1 and 2 on the back of the PCB

  • Connect the USB-Serial Adapter
  • Get the flash upload utility ready
    The serial port number depends on your PC configuration.
    Check in the device-manager which com-port appeared when you plugged
    in the USB-Serial adapter
  • Power up the scope
    The screen will light up
  • Be brave
  • Select the .hex file
  • Wait
  • Disconnect power and the USB adapter and re-open Jumper 1 and 2. This works great with solder wick, but you can also use the dry tip of the iron to remove the solder.
  • Power up
    New splash screen.
    Although both grammar and spelling suggest otherwise, the firmware is  pretty solid.


  1. Jeje, funny the grammar and spelling new firmware bugs, almost as bad as mine. xD

    Thanks for your tutorial, it was brief and very helpful. Congratulations, great blog!

  2. hi, does this work with model 13803K? i read on that a resistor swap is needed to flash firmware... thanks

    1. You mean the "Note 4" where it says when you use the open source firmware, you need to change back R11 to 1.5K.
      The current firmware is IMHO only shipped as .hex file and not as (open) source. So I suppose it is OK with your model.

    2. yes, that note. I'll try ASAP, thanks

    3. Hallo

      Leider bekomme ich den bootloader nicht zum laufen ( Windows 7 64bit ) . Die Einstellungen im Gerätemanager entsprechen dem im bootloader und umgekehrt . Der Konverter antwortet nicht , habe bereits zwei Konverter ausprobiert ( verschiedene ) . Woran könnte das liegen ?


    4. Zuerst würde ich mal testen, ob der USB-Serial Adapter läuft. Ich teste das immer mit Putty ("Serial" klicken und die com-Port nummer eintragen). Wenn man TXD und RXD des Konverters direkt kurzschliesst, sieht man das Echo der getippten Zeichen im Terminalfenster.

    5. This is confusing. But if you read Jtech's own directions on how to do the firmware upgrade they do not say to do this.
      I suspect it is an old comment for earlier firmware upgrades and is not relevant now.
      Or perhaps you need to do it if you flash the firmware on the older model DS0138?

  3. Hello
    if connection problem may be in the chip USB adapter?
    My chip CH340G TTL.
    Best 73

  4. Try a loopback-test on your USB-Serial converter:
    Connect TXD and RXD on the adapter. Then run a terminal program (like putty or teraterm) and see if your keystrokes are echoed in the terminal window.
    If that works, your adapter and it's drivers are ok.

  5. Ok moved (home made cat Yaesu 857 chip FTDI,safely set 3,3V )
    soft very unstable (frequent white screen as manipulate switch GND/AC/DC)
    I have the original kit,i checked
    Ok thank You for instructions.

  6. Hi -- Very helpful article.

    Any idea what the mini USB (J4) is, which is right next to the UART (J5) headers? Can we do uploads of captures to a laptop, do you think?

    1. Unfortunately it does nothing with the current firmware. I'd love to see this transmitting images or measured values, but the new DSO150 ( ) which is similar to the DSO138 does not even have a USB port. So I have my doubts if we'll ever see USB support.

  7. i brought 2 dso 138 oscilloscope the screen work but i get no cigna on both need your help email

    1. Have you used a suitable iron to solder the components?

  8. i bought 2 dso139 oscilloscope and none of them work they do com on
    and look good gui i cant get to show a signal i am going to try the new firmware and see it work i think i am not getting a pwm signal from the microcontroller please help

  9. i buy 2 dso oscilloscope it boot up great but it is not writing to the screen please help

    1. In all cases of problems I have seen so far, the mistakes were in the soldering. You'll have to triple-check every step, including the component values.

  10. i ma having trouble with my dao 138 oscilloscope it com on fine every thing work but the pwm does not work properly the microcontroller is writing any wave to the screen please help ps i have a adjustable soldering station set at 315 degee