Monday 23 January 2017

More work on the TOP-308 IP Camera

Great news on the TOP-308 IP camera

Root access to the camera

Last year I got this Top-308 IP camera and got a little stuck as I couldn't get full access.
Now user Choziro over on the IPCamTalk-Forum has found a great way to get full root access to the Linux OS of the camera.

This is how it is done:

  • Telnet to port 9527 of your camera. (Most likely 9527)
  • log on as "admin" with an empty password
  • type "shell"
  • type "telnetd -f"

The session is more or less stuck at that point, but that does not matter.

  • Now telnet to your camera ( at the default telnet port 23
  • User name is "root"
  • Password is "xmhdipc"
  • You now have a nice busybox shell that behaves much better than on port 9527
Rootshell !

No still images from the camera

Nosing around in the file system showed that there was no obvious way to get a single image from the camera. But that is what I need. So I resorted to letting my Raspberry Pi do that job:

This works both with avidemux and ffmpeg:

avconv -i "rtsp://" -vframes 1 "image.png"

That will capture a single frame from the camera and write it to a file "image.png".
Putting that into the RasPi's crontab could copy an image to a web site.


  1. Try this: /webcapture.jpg?command=snap&chanel=1

  2. Thank you very much for your efforts! Without your information about the Camera, I'd already have it recycled.