Wednesday 20 May 2015

Mini WiFi-Throwie with CR123A

Last night I finally found the time to fire up the soldering iron and try the CaptiveIntraweb with a CR123A cell.
As expected, this worked without any issues. From the data sheet, I expect a run time of approx. one day, although I haven't tried that yet.
Again the discharge rate of  around 70mA ist significantly higher than the 20mA mentioned in the data sheet. From this page it looks like the Panasonic cell is the best choice for high discharge currents.
A bit of tape (Kapton tape should be the ideal choice) to told it together and that's it.
Just don't forget to recover the throwie after the battery is drained and recycle it properly.

I will have the video on my Youtube Channel as soon as I have it ready.

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